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About Marrisha Abbott

Marrisha Abbott will be offering Sacred Channel Healings. Marrisha Abbot has been a Sacred Channels Healing and Reiki Master Teacher, since 1992. 

Following a Near Death Experience, Marrisha has worked with Ascended Masters, Arch Angels, Psychic Surgeons and Doctors.  She connects with your Higher Self and much more. From a desire for deep relaxation and energy balancing to Healing Support for health issues and Clearing Your Pathways for 5D Ascension within your physical body, Marrisha connects with Divine Beings and Energies that are Ready to assist you.

Marrisha is a Reiki Master and Access Bars Facilitator. From the simple need to de-stress and re-balance, to releasing the density of dis-ease forms and releasing past lives, allow the Highest Healing for you at this time is to be Channeled to you through Marrisha. 

Marrisha is looking forward to returning to Avalon Visions in February 2024, offering Sacred Channels Healing and Reiki Attunements.

Marrisha looks forward to working with you. 

Marrisha’s sessions are $75 / hour




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