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Welcome to Avalon Visions Enjoy your journey into mystical worlds of creative spirituality

We offer:

All with plenty of great free parking!
We offer readings and healings on a daily basis. 
We are continuing to offer phone readings.
If you would like a phone reading, they are available by appointment only.
from 1-5 pm Monday – Friday. 
To schedule a phone reading, visit our phone reading page.

Our history:

Avalon Visions was established July 2,1993 by Cheryl Ban who owned the shop until July of 2005.

In May of 2007, following a transitional phase, the shop was sold again to Thomas and Gwen Thomas-Zia.

In March of 2014, Avalon Visions expanded into what had, for 15 years, been Havana Village, a small locally operated cigar store.  Instead of purchasing cigars, and other tobacco related items, patrons were able to experience the healing energies that Avalon Visions had always been known for.   The annexed area housed our readers and healers, and allowed us to showcase our aura camera.  Classes and workshops were also held in our freshly painted and welcoming annexed area.

In the summer of 2017, we made the agreat decision to move our shop to a wonderful new location in lovely quaint Soquel Village.  Our move allowed us to grow into the Avalon Visions Center For Creative Spirituality, where we continue our dedication to bringing forth ancient arts that once flourished and receded into the mists of our consciousness.

Avalon Visions Center For Creative Spirituality is a place where new visions are realized, and reality is bordered only by the limits of imagination.

Avalon Visions is the place where the veils are thin between the worlds, and where the mysteries are studied, explored and experienced.

Avalon Visions is an experience of the magical

  • Wander amongst the handpicked selection of books
  • Card racks full of artist images to choose from
  • Feast on our Exquisite Jewelry Collection, cases full of symbolic jewelry, jewelry with beautiful stones and some pieces just for fun
  • Featuring local artists
  • Enjoy our many groups and classes

Our customers can now enjoy shopping at Avalon Visions on-line.  

shop now buttonNow you can enjoy shopping at Avalon Visions from the comfort of your living room.  If you can’t make it into our shop, you can now browse through hundreds of items on line.  Although some of what is available in our brick and mortar shop will not be available on-line, many more wonderful products are now available through our site.



What we do at Avalon Visions



 Avalon Visions Center For Creative Spirituality

2815 Porter Street, Soquel Village, CA 95073 One mile from Capitola beach (831) 46-GRAIL (464-7245)  • Open Daily