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Weekly Creative Spirituality Fellowship Meeting


Beginning Sunday March 23, 2019 join us at 9:30 am for a weekly Sunday morning fellowship meeting for Creative Spirituality where you will be encouraged to find your own creative brand of spirituality.  It’s all about love.  Experience your light.  Create your community.


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Join us on Apr 14, 2019!  We will be hosting the:

Santa Cruz – – New Earth Expo: Resources for Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness


Santa Cruz – Apr 14, 2019 – New Earth Expo: Resources for Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness

RSVP or Comment Below for FREE Admission (then say your name at the door). Early Bird Bonus: Get a FREE spin of the prize wheel while supplies last.

Featured Workshops include Robert Perala’s ‘Extraterrestrials & their Relationship with You ‘, and Joseph Martin’s ‘The Secrets for Attracting to True Love into your Life’, plus dozens more holistic & metaphysical speakers & exhibitors, & some of the area’s most respected authorities on health, wealth, love, & happiness.

Click the link to see Speakers, Prizes, & a Marketplace of practitioners, products & services for the good life. We have transformational workshops to take you to the next level, & Community Networking opportunities to connect you with dream achievers just like you.

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Booths include a half hour Speaker Slot.

RSVP or Comment Below for FREE Admission (then say your name at the door). Early Bird Bonus: Get a FREE spin of the prize wheel while supplies la


Every Tuesday from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm

Weekly classes  for the magically inclined that touch on natures cycles.  Ages 6 through 60+ are welcomed.

Suggested donation $13.00 per class.

Brought to you by:  

The Draigsffau School of the Wizardly Arts

Walk through the doorway and enter the mystic realms


Learn how to experience the habit of happiness:

Lifeguidestp Energy Wellness Systems

The intention of creating this course is to provide people with a guide that will show them how to transform their lives and awaken the truth of who they really are; a powerful spiritual being and creator of the life you choose to live.

The Spiritual technology in this course provides the information, skills and practices that will enable people to create profound and lasting changes. It will show you how to free yourself from the habits of fear and negative thinking, and will help you to become more fully connected to your spiritual nature and put you firmly in the driver’s seat of your own life. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are continuously putting orders in with the universe for our tomorrow’s reality. The feelings and thought states that we occupy today are creating the vibrations that will determine tomorrow’s reality. The best investment anyone can make is to choose to focus on the positive emotions today, which in turn will create your best possible tomorrow. This guide will show you how to identify and choose which thoughts and emotions you want to generate, so you can create a more positive experience in your life moving forward.


Monthly Meetups:

Avalon Visions Empath Support Group/Metaphysics Meetup

Meets first Wednesday of every month from 7:00-9:00 pm

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Learn to use techniques, tools, and intuition to better navigate through life.


Psychic, Spiritual Transformation Mentor, Core Issue Release Counselor, Intuitive Guidance Counselor, and founder of Empowered Whole Being, began her reawakening journey in 1987.  

Movie Night

Meets fourth Tuesday of each month from 7-9 pm
Check our Facebook events or to find out what movie we’ll have on the last Tuesday of the month for the free Avalon’s movie night at 7pm.   Or, surprise yourself and just come to Avalon Visions, 2815 Porter St, just up from the Ugly Mug at Soquel Dr and Porter toward the FRW 7pm on the last Tuesday of each month.




Inner Lite Weight Loss Support Group

Next meeting to be announced.

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Organizer: Michelle Bradshaw: Lifeguide, Spiritual teacher, Intuitive guide, Yoga Teacher, Energy wellness and happiness expert.

Come meet up and discuss your current relationship with your body, your eating your mind and your emotions