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We just got a huge amount of great silk clothes from India..

Just in time for spring.  Come on in and take a quick peek! 





The staff and friends of Avalon Visions are loving our new location!

After a year of massive transitions, Avalon Visions is grateful to have begun settling into our new location at 2815 Porter Street, in Soquel, CA.

Many of our local customers have found us via google and other search engines. Quite a few people have simply noticed us from just the sheer luck of driving by and spotting our sign. And, other customers have seen our ads in local newspapers.

We’ve also gained a number of new customers who never knew we were even in Capitola. So, overall, things are going very well.

We are so very happy to be at our new location where we have private and separate rooms for both readings and healings and a community room for classes, Meet-ups, and special events. Everyone who comes into the shop now loves our new location.  We feel so lucky that what could have been a disastrous situation turned out to be a great push into a way better location.

So, for Avalon Visions, even though 2017 started out very rough, it is turning out to be kind of terrific.

About Gwyneth Thomas

From the time I was a small child, I have always been interested in the metaphysical and spiritual world.  I can remember reading every book about the subject that I could find.  I'd even read about it under my covers at night with a flashlight so my parents would think I was asleep.  It was the … [Read more...]

Finally! Our huge selection of silk halter tops, pants, and skirts has arrived!

  Wow:  I can't believe how many cute silk skirts, pants, and tops we just got in!  I think that I lost count at about a fifty!  This is the biggest shipment of clothing that we've had in the none!  This is really exciting! These are only available in our Capitola shop!   Really, … [Read more...]

The 2016 Avalon Visions Recipe For Success

  In the summer of 2009 the economy tanked.  Who doesn't know that?  People lost their jobs, their homes, and their sense of well-being.  As a result, small shops like mine took solid hits, month after month.  Somehow, through the many lean months, Avalon Visions survived.  Year after year, through … [Read more...]

Really…it works??

  So, here I am trying to see if the new blog works while the front door is still open and the temperature here in the shop is now dropping to what feels like SUB-ZERO! … [Read more...]