Viewing the Invisible

For your enjoyment

The Aura Station is a blending of ancient knowledge and innovative technology. The aura station bridges the gap between science and metaphysics. There has long been a notion that every human being has a unique energy footprint or aura. The Aura Station is using Biofeedback Sensors to measure, analyze and processes the biofeedback data of your energetic and activity levels. This bio data is then correlated with specific emotional-energetic states and displayed accordingly on the screen. This information is translated through the software program and projects a color image onto the computer screen. This visual image which appears on the computer monitor is a representation of your big-energetic field. This is an interactive experience.

You are presented with a unique view of yourself. You may watch your energy shift and change before your eyes, as your thoughts shift. This experience allows you to see how connected and affected we are to our thoughts and feelings. In this way the aura station acts somewhat like biofeedback

You will receive:

  • A full color printout of your aura.
  • A printed report that explains the nature of the colors of your aura.
  • An opportunity to view your chakras.
  • This all takes only ten minutes of your time!
  • This is not a psychic reading.

Remember we are energetic beings. Thought is a powerful form of energy; and thought-by-thought we can create our life. We are always changing through emotions, feelings, and attitudes. Your aura reflects this in moment-by-moment fluctuations. Being aware of your deep inner connectedness to all of life, your perspective of yourself and life may expand into new dimensions.

We are a rainbow of colors
What color are you choosing?

Important: The Aura Station does not diagnose physical problems or sickness in any form whatsoever. Please contact your physician, holistic doctor or therapist for consultation or treatment. This program is meant as a self-help and monitoring tool for experimental use only and is not intended to replace in any way medical or psychological counseling and treatment.

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