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By Valerie White

This period of March 13-April 13 holds lots of changes. Spring Equinox time! The Sun enters Aries on March 20th, a time for everyone to celebrate the changing of the season. Finish up with the old, because you will want to start anew just like the season. Wait until April 4th when Mercury is no longer retrograde to begin new projects. With Mars still retrograding, people are frustrated and want to see some new action in the world. They are tired of waiting, so with the Sun and Moon in Aries for the New Moon on March 22 expect that there may be conflicts in the news this month. With Saturn in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn squaring them, there will be change! Things can erupt when we do Spring cleaning in the world. "Out with the old and in with the new" will be a recurrent theme this year. April begins with wonderful positive energy with Mercury going direct and an auspicious Full Moon in Libra April 6th. It can be a week filled with harmony and feeling connected. Friday the 13th Mars goes direct in the evening and we can "Spring" into action. Make it your lucky day!

Aries (March 21- April 19)
You are feeling the effects of Pluto squaring your Sun and Saturn opposing it in a way that is making you want to be part of the change. Mercury retrogrades in your sign from March 12th-23rd giving you opportunities to fix or change things from your past. The lessons can be over for you. The New Moon on the 22nd can give you the chance to begin again; use it to become the powerful Spiritual Being you were meant to be.

Taurus (April 20- May 20)
With Venus (until April 4th) and Jupiter in your sign, could you possibly be happier? Yes! March 25-27 the Moon will be there too, adding more joyful emotions. So many opportunities can come to you now to feel the love in so many ways. You can be an inspiration for others in bigger ways than you ever imagined. So imagine big!

Gemini (May21-June 20)
Your ruling planet is Mercury, so when it is retrograding from March 12th –April 4th, you may feel it more than the other signs will. Confusion and delays can be upsetting during this time. The Moon will be in your sign March 27-29 touching off some issues for you, but get through them and by the afternoon of the 29th things will improve. April 4th Venus will enter your sign just as Mercury goes direct. Life gets better!

Cancer (June 21- July 22)
You are under some heavy influences from Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus, but they are your teachers right now. You are coming out of your shell and into the world. You are realizing you need to be part of what is happening. Let the Spring Equinox energy carry you into the new as you shed the past, not just from this lifetime, but even that of your ancestors. March 30th –April 1st when the Moon is in your sign your intuition will be to the forefront. Let it guide you.

Leo (July 23-August 22)
Spring is in the air, and are you ever ready! Positive changes are in the works, and even the Mercury retrograde is on your side as you organize and get the old problems out of your way. The Moon is in your sign April 1-3rd and Mercury goes direct on the 4th. You feel emotionally and mentally ready for all the changes you are welcoming. Celebrate the Equinox as you step into your power! Both the New Moon on March 22nd and the Full Moon on April 6th can lead to great things for you.

Virgo (August 23- Sept.22)
Relationships may be on your mind, and March is a good month for you to create one or improve the one you are in. You may feel stalled in other areas of your life. Mars retrograding in your sign may cause you to have to do some things over, but it gives you the chance to improve in many ways, and that makes you happy. It will go direct Friday April 13th so prepare in the meantime because you will be very busy after that. The Moon goes into your sign on April 3rd and Mercury goes direct the next day. You will be feeling awesome mentally and emotionally. Nothing can stop you now!

Libra (Sept. 23- Oct. 22)
Spring changes everything. If you have been dealing with your issues, you will welcome the changes. If you haven't, you will be given more opportunities to look at them. March 22nd -24th can be important days for you. The Full Moon will be in your sign on April 6th which may make you feel more emotional than usual, not just about yourself, but what is going on in the world will touch you. Lucky Friday April 13th Mars moves ahead and so do you!

Scorpio (Oct. 23- Nov. 21)
You may feel that love has been eluding you or maybe even annoying you! Venus opposite your sign will move on April 4th and lighten things up. Enjoy the Spring Equinox and strive for balance within yourself. You can really come into your power and go back over things that may not have worked out for you before. You will have the chance now. Right after the Full Moon on April 6th it will enter your sign on the 7th-9th. This can be a special time for you with positive emotions running high.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22- Dec. 21)
You can really Spring forward with the Equinox on March 20th. You are so ready now, and Mercury moving forward on April 4th loosens the chains. It might be a good time for you to plan a trip. Venus opposes your sign when it goes into Gemini April 4th usually not good for thoughts of love, but you may find yourself too busy for that anyway. The Moon is in your sign March 13th - 15th you can decide which emotions you want to focus on because there will be several to choose from!

Capricorn (Dec. 22- Jan. 19)
With Saturn, the ruler of your sign, squaring it and retrograding, you will be re-visiting some lessons you may not have learned the first time. Mars is trining you, which is good, but it is also retrograding, so your actions may not move you forward yet. Venus joins Jupiter in Taurus until April 4thwhich can bring some fortunate love encounters. The Moon will be in your sign March 16th and 17th bringing loving emotions. Spring Equinox on the 20th and New Moon on the 22nd may find you sharing a new love. Expect things to open up for you after April 4th when Mercury goes direct and communications become clearer.

Aquarius (Jan.20- Feb.18)
The Spring Equinox brings a refreshing change to you. You will have time for reflection March 12th-April 4th. You'll want to take action, but if you wait until April 4th when Mercury goes direct, there will be less chance for error. The Moon is in your sign March 17th, St. Patrick's Day. Plan something fun. You may not have felt so lucky in love, but after Venus goes into Gemini on April 4th, things can change… if you do!

Pisces (Feb.19-March 20)
You've been basking in the energy of the Sun in your sign with the new addition of Neptune making you feel all dreamy. Enjoy the Moon in your sign on the 21-22. As the Sun enters Aries, you feel a need for more action. Mercury retrograding will be going back in your sign from March 23rd to April 16th this can affect you more than most other signs. It gives you a chance to rethink some things you need to look at.